Yamalube ulje za filter zraka

Yamalube ulje za filter zraka

189,09 kn 151.27 HRK

Bez PDV-a: 151,27 kn

5-7 Dana

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Biodegradeable Yamalube\u00AE Air Filter Oil is a vegetal polymer with copra ester for foam air fi lters on off-road bikes, scooters and ATV. Yamalube\u00AE Air Filter Oil ensures optimum air flow and therefore ensures maximum performance. It stops dirt, sand and water from entering the engine and can be washed out with Yamalube\u00AE Air Filter Cleaner and water to ensure a long lifetime of the air filter.

Features Benefits:
Eco-friendly to use, thanks to biodegradable element
Ensures optimum air flow

Suitable for:
All off-road motorcycles, scooters and ATVs

Available in various packaging sizes and pack lots - as indicated below - but also available individually from your Yamaha dealer.

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